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  • We're really excited to be a part of the 2015 ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE...a shop-hop-type event that spans 50 states and Canada...no passports, no fees! Read more...
  • Fabric Exchanges!!...NEW exchange groups added to the mix - click here to see!
  • Saturday CLUBHOUSE returns! We had good response for our first meeting and there'll be lots of people making red & white blocks! NOTE: Next meeting is April 11 (instead of April 4 - Easter weekend) 9:30am sharp! Our color theme is Red & White. You may still register to participate. If you do so before the next meeting (4/11) and get your block made and presented during the meeting, you can still be eligible for the $1.00 block. After the April meeting, your cost to join in and catch up will go up!
  • Be sure to visit our Facebook page! Get there quick by clicking our name to the right at the top of the "Find us on Facebook" box. Tracy keeps it up-to-date with events and classes, and sprinkles in interesting products and customer photos!

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