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Below you will find the current schedule and our Class Policy.
Please call or come by to register.

Supplies list for each class is now available online!

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  • Classes will be cancelled 1 week prior to the class date if minimum participation has not been met. Please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up or make attendance changes! This may affect whether the class will meet or get cancelled.
  • If signing up by phone, credit card info must be given to be registered in the class, or pay (cash, check, or charge) if registering in person. We cannot add your name to a class list unless we have payment information and you are not considered reserved for class until paid.
  • If class does not reach minimum student participation (* as shown in schedule below), shop has the right to cancel class and will refund any payments made. Class fees are non-refundable, unless shop cancels the class.
  • Class fees do not include supplies. (You may not want to purchase supplies until you know if class has reached minimum.)
  • Working knowledge of your sewing machine is required for all classes that use a machine.


  • Beginner Hand Embroidery
    In this class, you will learn basic embroidery stitches, plus tips to make them look really good. We will cover backstitch, stem stitch, French knots, lazy daisy, and satin stitch, and you will get a handout with diagrams of each one for your needlework library. When finished with this adorable basket of flowers, you should be comfortable with each of these stitches, which will enable you to easily learn more advanced techniques. Consider taking the follow-up Intermediate class to expand your skill!
    Sat., April 22 (10am-12:30pm) min. 4/max 12
    class fee $16.50 -
    view/print supply list
    Dixie Moye
  • Beginner Paper Piecing
    If you've wanted to learn basic paper piecing, or just need a refresher course, then this would be a great place to start! In the class, you'll be learning basics of building one block. At the end of the class, you will have completed 4 paper piecing sections that are used to assemble a block. Required: working knowledge of your machine.
    Thurs., April 20 (9:30a-12:30p) min. 3/max 8
    class fee $19.00 -
    view or print supplies list
    Margie Cutting
  • Intermediate Machine Quilting
    In this class, students will learn how to do an overall design, 3 types of feathers in a border and several background filler designs including sashiko, pebbles and teardrops. This class is for students who have done some machine quilting and want to do more than "stitch in the ditch" or basics. Prerequisite: Machine Quilting for Novices class or equivalent
    Sat., April 22 (1:30-4pm); min. 4/max. 10
    Class fee $50.00 - view or print supplies list
    Jane Plisga
  • Intermediate Hand Embroidery
    This class builds on your growing knowledge of hand embroidery stitches. In doing the "Remember Stitch Sampler", we will briefly review stitches from the beginner's class and add several more, including feather, zigzag, chain, buttonhole circles, English daisies, open chain, buttonhole, cross stitch fill, and cast on. This sampler is fun and filled with stitches that work in so many places. There will also be a short lesson on coloring fabric before embroidering, also a fun technique.
    Prerequisite: Beginner Hand Embroidery class or comfortably able to do these stitches - satin, backstitch, lazy daisy, French knot.
    Sat., April 15 & 29 (10am-12pm) min. 4/max 12
    class fee $28.00 -
    view/print supply list
    Dixie Moye
  • Intermediate Baltimore Album Quilt
    Join us for a series of 6 monthly classes that will offer continuing lessons of the fine art of Baltimore Album Quilts.
    These 6 sequential lessons are designed to introduce you to the patterns that deserve a place of honor in your Baltimore Album Quilt. A variety of patterns including a vase of flowers, a woven basket of flowers, epergne of fruit, wreath with love birds, cornucopia, ship with wreath, and framed scene will be studied. Each student will be encouraged to make their own floral arrangement to fit the theme of their album quilt. Each lesson will also include advance study of appliqué methods of making flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves, branches, stems, and birds. (Prerequisite: Confident appliqué skills - beginner to advanced)
    3rd Fridays - 6 classes: Fri., April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, Aug. 18, Sept. 15 (9:30am-12pm)
    class fee $87.00;
    view or print supplies list
    Georgann Wrinkle
  • Hexie Garden
    Love the look of hexagons but the thought of Y-seams leaves you terrified? In this class you will learn the easy way to cut out hexagons with a template and then how to construct the "flower" without using the Y-seam. We'll construct 2 flower blocks in class and you'll be able to continue on your own to build a quilt. Pattern directions are given for lap, twin, and king size quilts. You must have working knowledge of your machine.
    Sat., May 6 (11am-3pm) min. 3/max 8
    class fee $24.00 -
    view or print supplies list
    Margie Cutting
  • Color Class
    Whether you just want to improve your ability to select fabrics for your quilts or you feel totally overwhelmed by the thought of combining fabrics and colors, you will find lots to learn in this class. During the first session, you will learn to use the 3-in-1 Color Tool, by Joen Wolfrom, by totally immersing yourself in fabrics and color. After this most important step, you'll explore color theory and how it relates to your quilts. There is no sewing involved and all levels of stitchers are welcome. Minimal supplies.
    Sat., May 13 & 27 (9:30am-12pm); min. 5/max. 15
    Class fee $33.00 - view or print supplies list
    Cynthia Williford
  • Learn to Make a T-Shirt Quilt!
    You'll only be making two blocks in class, but will be able to continue the process to complete a quilt top. The process will include prepping a t-shirt for sewing, trimming the t-shirt, and sewing fabric strips onto t-shirt to make a quilt square.
    Prerequisite: working knowledge of your sewing machine, sew straight stitch and knowledge of rotary cutter use
    Tues., May 23 (9:30am-12:30pm);
    min. 3/max. 6
    class fee $19.00 -
    view or print supplies list
    Margie Cutting
  • Hand Quilting - Beginning to End
    A time-treasured art...learn from an award-winning quilter!
    These lessons will include a comprehensive review of the methods for making small, even and straight hand quilting stitches using the traditional rocking stitch.
    The lessons study the stitch, choices of fabric and battings, marking your quilt, quilting on a hoop with discussion of using a floor frame and other tools that are helpful for hand quilting. Kit required; pieces to be determined.
    Sat., June 10 & 24 (9:30a-12p); min. 4/max. 12
    class fee $33.00 -
    view or print supplies list
    Georgann Wrinkle


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