Block of the Month Correction Information

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Ivy & Old Lace #13

It has come to our attention that we did not include enough light fabric in your setting kit for your "1st border/setting triangles" (please reference our online swatch charts). We supplied 5/8 yd, however you’ll be needing additional fabric in order to finish cutting your 2 ½” 1st border strips.
We have made this extra cut (6 1/2" x wof) available at our front desk for walk-in customers, and have mailed to our mail order customers (4/20/09).

Ivy & Old Lace #13 update (emailed)

There is a discrepancy in the SETTING directions for Ivy & Old Lace; we believe you have enough fabric, but DO NOT CUT AS INSTRUCTED BY THE SETTING DIRECTIONS YOU RECEIVED.


1. In the 1st step of the sashing cutting instructions - you will need to cut 4 strips of the dk. brown @ 2 ½“ x 44 ½” (include a little of the selvedge edge if needed) - instead of the 4 strips of 16 ½” X 2 1/2'” as indicated.

2. When you are ready to add the outer borders, you have been given just enough fabric to cut these borders (cut carefully) from the length of the fabric so that you will not have to “piece” your outer borders. The remaining fabric can be cut into long strips for your binding.

Charleston Harbor 2nd Qtr 2009 (emailed)

When making your Chain blocks and Flying Geese blocks, toward the bottom of your instructions it states to make sure that your light fabrics match in the joined sets of these 2 blocks.
Some of you may not have received matching light fabrics for these blocks. There is nothing wrong with these fabrics being scrappy (not matching), however, if you want matching fabrics, please contact us - email, or call and ask for Deb, or Pam.
If you wish these blocks to match, please review the swatch charts so you can let us know exactly which light pieces you received for the chain blocks and flying geese blocks that do not match.

This notice was emailed; please don’t wait long to contact us if you’re wanting the fabric adjustment.